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Varna and Bourgas are the main cities on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Sozopol is about 35 km south of Bourgas and about 160 km south of Varna. Bourgas itself is about 400 km east of Sofia and is at same distance north-west of Istanbul, Turkey.

There are many charter flights to Varna and a few to Bourgas. These flights should be booked much in advance. In the summer there shall be daily flights Sofia-Bourgas. Information about flights to Varna is available on the web page of Varna airport; some information about Bourgas could be obtained from, e.g. skyscanner site. The Bourgas airport is about 15 km north from Bourgas. One has to take a bus or a taxi to the Bourgas rail station, where is the bus terminal for Sozopol.

From Bourgas to Sozopol there are regular buses at every half hour until 21:00 or one can also take a taxi. The buses from Varna to Bourgas are at approximately one hour; the last for the day being at 18:00. This route takes about two and a half hours drive. From Varna to Bourgas there are also many shuttle buses which depart when full. Check the map to see the bus terminals in Varna.

From Sofia one can get to Bourgas by train or bus. Direct trains are at 6.30, 13.25, 16.00 and 22.00 h. Check the Bulgarian Railroads Site for details. Buses are at every hour. There are also direct comfortable buses Sofia - Sozopol - 5 in the morning, 2 at noon and 7 night buses (the last one leaving at 23:30); the travel takes about 6 hours and costs about 10 EUR. See the map for locations of the Central Rail Station and Bus Terminal "Serdica". A charter bus will be organized from Sofia Airport to Sozopol in the late afternoon of August 30. When booking your flight, please have in mind, that the bus should start from Sofia not later than 16:30 . (Sofia - Sozopol is approximately a 6 hours drive). A charter bus on the way back from Sozopol to Sofia will be also organized in the early morning of September 5th (leaving at about 5:30 , so that to be in time for flights after 14:00).

There is the possibility to take a bus from Istanbul to Sozopol (Bourgas). Some information can be found, e.g., at tel. +90 02126 580 469 - NISHIKLI tour agency (note that we do not have experience with this route).