QTS-10 & LT-12 ,
19-25 June 2017, Varna , Bulgaria

Health Insurance:   Please, ensure that you have the adequate health insurance for travelling abroad. Participants from EU should bring their health cards which should be valid everywhere in EU. We will not accept any medical expenses of the participants and their accompanying persons!

Presentations:   For the digital projection of your talk you may send your file by e-mail before June 20, and ONLY to the following e-mail address:   QTS.10@abv.bg  . Please, do NOT send your file to any other address of the organizers, since these files are big and can block the accounts. (Such sendings will be deleted automatically!)
You may also bring your presentation on a USB-drive at least 24 hours before your talk (so that we can test it).

Local travel information:   Varna airport (Varna railway station, Varna bus station) is about 20 km (10 km) from the Conference site - the International House of Scientists (IHS). IHS is situated in the big international sea-side resort "St. Constantine and Elena" to the North-East of Varna. For a detailed map of the neighbourhood of the IHS click here. On this map IHS is No 5, hotel "Chaika" ("Tschaika") is No 6, Grand Hotel "Varna" is No 2, Hotel "Lebed" is No 3, hotel "Estreya" is No 4.
There are the following direct bus connections:  No 409 is a bus line from Varna airport to "Golden Sands" stopping at Varna bus station and at Resort "St. Constantine and Elena" (bus-stop "Botanicheska Gradina");  No 31a is a bus line from Varna railway station (direction Vinitsa) stopping inside the Resort "St. Constantine and Elena" close to IHS, while No 109 is a bus line from Varna railway station (direction Resort "Golden Sands") stopping at bus-stop "Botanicheska Gradina".
Taxis are cheap in principle (around 0.9 Lev (= 0.46 Euro) per km) but the taxi-drivers may try to cheat you! Insist on the counter (meter) running and pay by what it shows!  
Pre-ordered taxis:   For participants whose arrival date (> June 18-th), time, air-carrier, flight number, hotel, are known, we can arrange on request  pre-ordered taxis which will carry the logo of the conference:   QTS10 & LT12  ; maybe the driver will carry this logo. We shall use the taxi firma "Omega Trans Taxi", its cars are marked also with the capital Greek letter 'Omega'.
Please, send your requests to:  stoimenn@yahoo.fr,   todor_popov@yahoo.fr   - these are the e-mails of the members of the Organizing Committee who would help you in this matter:
Dr. Stoimen Stoimenov and Dr. Todor Popov .
If you have arranged this service, but there is no taxi on arrival, you can contact them by mobile:
0886-608-158 (Dr. Popov),   0882-114-551 (Dr. Stoimenov).

Payments:   All outstanding payments (late registration fee, rest of accommodation, fees for accompanying persons, etc) must be done at the registration in Varna. Info about this will be given to everybody individually through update of their registration data.   All payments must be done in Euro cash. Payment to us by credit card or cheque is not possible (legally & technically).

Registration at the Conference site:   will start on June 19 at 10:00 and continue all day. We ask all participants that arrive before June 19 to come to the registration desk in the morning of June 19 to be registered before the bulk of the participants arriving later that day (mostly in the afternoon).

The   Welcome Party   will take place at IHS on the 20-th of June at 20:00.   All participants and their accompanying persons are invited.