There are many possibilities for accommodation: at the Guest House of BAS (GH-BAS) or the neighbouring hotel Vezhen (50m from GH-BAS) and in hotels in the resorts "Chaika", "St. Constantine and Elena" (to the south of GH-BAS), "Riviera", "Golden Sands" (both to the north of GH-BAS). Most hotels in these resorts participate in schemes by which one may get a package including the flight, full board and lodging for (almost) the price of the flight to Varna. These schemes are available through many foreign tourist agencies.

The Guest House of BAS or Hotel Vezhen:

The price for full board and lodging is 45 Euro per day for single room accommodation, and 30 Euro per day and person for double room accommodation. Note that the above are package prices calculated for six nights with accommodation starting in the afternoon of 17th June and ending in the morning of 23th June, and with first meal supper in the evening of 17th June and last meal breakfast in the morning of 23th June. Extra nights and/or meals for extra payment are possible, but extra nights should be requested on the registration form (it is enough to fill exactly the dates of arrival and departure).
This accommodation should be booked via the Organizing Committee.   To secure your booking you must transfer 50% of the total cost of your accommodation before 30.4.2013!   The transfer may be done together with the Registration fee.

The hotels below should be booked directly - see their web-pages for more details, contact info and reservations.

Hotels in Resort "Chaika"

These hotels are in walking distance from GH-BAS.

Hotels in Resort "Riviera"

This resort is adjacent to "Chaika" (to the North) and often is considered as part of "Golden Sands".

Grand Hotel "Varna" and four other hotels form the hotel complex   St. Ellias.
This complex is part of the resort "St. Constantine and Elena" (formerly called "Druzhba").

For other hotels in Resort "Golden Sands" click here or here.

For other hotels in Resort "St. Constantine and Elena" click here.