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New Mathematical Methods in Solvable Models and Gauge/String Dualities

14 - 21 August 2022, Varna, Bulgaria

Supported by the Simons Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria,
Scientific Programme: ''Enhancing the Research Capacity in Mathematical Sciences (PIKOM)''

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Scope and Topics:

In the last 15 years tremendous progress has been made at connecting integrable four-dimensional gauge theory and two-dimensional world-sheet theory. A two-dimensional integrable model was constructed that can predict not only the spectrum of energy levels, to unprecedented precision, but also permit the computation of the correlation functions of the theory at finite coupling in the planar limit.

This workshop will be devoted to discussing important and timely problems concerning the application of exact mathematical methods to conventional integrable systems and to the gauge/string models, e.g., to extend current methods for calculating finite-volume matrix elements of operators, to construct a finite version of the hexagon form factor expansion for short operators, to extend the methods of the thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz to world-sheets of higher topology and to all sorts of boundaries and defects, etc.

Students and young scientists, both theoretical physicists and mathematicians, interested in integrability are encouraged to participate. Lectures for students and non-specialists are planned in view of improving the research capacity of the Bulgarian scientists.

International Organizing Committee:

Benjamin Basso (ENS)
Ivan Kostov (UFES, Vitoria, and IPhT, Saclay)
Kiril Hristov (Sofia University & INRNE)
Valentina Petkova (INRNE, BAS)

Sunday, August 14: Arrival and registration in the afternoon
Monday, August 15: Talks begin in the morning
Saturday, August 20: Talks end in the afternoon
Sunday, August 21: Departure

Conference Site:
The Workshop will take place at the Guest House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on the Black Sea coast near Varna. Varna is Bulgaria's third largest city and main naval port (for tourist info see here). The Guest House is in resort "Chaika" which is situated in the beach resort area extending to the north-east of Varna between two of Bulgaria's biggest coastal resorts "St. Constantine and Elena" (formerly "Druzhba") and "Golden Sands".
Besides the Guest House alternative accommodation is possible in near-by hotels, e.g., Park-hotel "Zdravets" (very near to the Guest House across the street).

Travel information:
The most convenient way to travel from abroad is by plane to Varna airport. In the summer there are many regular (daily) flights to Varna from many European cities and regular daily flights from Sofia (Bulgaria's capital). The latter is connected with Europe's major cities by regular daily flights. Travel by train is to Varna railway station. The airport (railway station) is 22 km (10 km) from the Conference site with direct bus connection - see overall map Map1.
For a detailed map of the neighbourhood of the Guest House click here. This second map shows the Guest House (on the map it is called: "Pochivna baza BAN"), Park-hotel Zdravets (on the map it is called: "Hotel Zdravets-1"), and the House of Journalists (on the map it is called: "Hotelski Kompleks Zhurnalist"), in front of the latter is the nearest bus stop to the Guest House. This bus stop is for bus # 409. The Guest House is 100m uphill from this stop. A card on the whereabouts of the Guest House in Bulgarian (also translated) which may be shown to taxi-drivers is here.
Note that bus # 409 is a bus line from Varna airport to "Golden Sands" stopping also at the Varna bus station. (Note that on the overall map is shown only bus # 9, which is a bus line from Varna railway station (direction "Golden Sands") and which bypasses the stop at the House of Journalists.)
Taxis are cheap in principle (around 1.1 Lev per km) but the taxi-drivers may try to cheat you! Insist on the counter (meter) running and pay by what it shows!
To avoid misunderstandings as on previous occasions we shall use the taxi company "Omega-Trans", its cars are marked also with the capital Greek letter 'Omega'. Upon your arrival at the airport AFTER RECEIVING your luggage you may order a taxi from the airport to the Guesthouse of the Academy of Sciences calling one of the following numbers: +359-52-388-888, +359-888-388-888, +359-898-388-888, +359-878-388-888
Make sure that your cell-phone has roaming for Bulgaria.
Usually the taxi will arrive within 10 minutes.
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In all cases it is advisable to send in advance the date & time of your arrival and the number of your flight to the member of the Organizing Committee Dr. Todor Popov, todor_popov@yahoo.fr.
Note that at the airport exit there are many other taxis from different companies so make sure that the car you take is really a taxi sent from OMEGA-TRANS. If not you are running the risk of being overcharged.

Registration.   Deadline: 25 June 2022

Registered participants

Local Organizing Committee:

V.B. Petkova (INRNE, BAS, Chair), A.Ch. Ganchev (AUBG & INRNE), D.T. Nedanovski (Sofia University & INRNE), K.P. Hristov (Sofia University & INRNE), S.J. Pacheva (INRNE, BAS), T.V. Popov (INRNE & AUBG), V.G. Filev (IMI, BAS & AUBG), V.K. Dobrev (INRNE, BAS)

Contacts for correspondence:

Prof. I.K. Kostov
UFES, Vitoria, and IPhT, Saclay

Prof. V.B. Petkova
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
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1784 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 9795536
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