International Symposia Series


Scope and Topics:

The Symposium series "Quantum Theory and Symmetries" (QTS) is a biennual meeting intended for physicists and mathematicians who are either applying symmetries to some physical model, or are studying mathematical objects that are relevant for physical applications.

The first Symposium of this series was held in Goslar (Germany) in 1999, QTS-1,   then it was held in Cracow (2001) QTS-2,   Cincinnati (2003) QTS-3,   Varna (2005) QTS-4,   Valladolid (2007) QTS-5,   Lexington (2009) QTS-6,   Prague (2011) QTS-7,   Mexico-city (2013) QTS-8,   Yerevan (2015) QTS-9,   Varna (2017) QTS-10 , Montreal (2019) QTS-11.
The Symposium QTS-12 was planned to be in Moscow at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2021, but was postponed by one year due to Covid-19, and now is postponed to 2023, July 24-28, to be held in Prague at the Czech Technical University (Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering).

The QTS series started around the core concept that symmetries underlie all descriptions of quantum systems. It has since evolved to a symposium on the frontiers of theoretical and mathematical physics.
Currently the topics of applications are:
- Symmetries in String Theory, Supergravity, Quantum Gravity
- Gauge, Noncommutative, Conformal Field Theories
- Integrable Systems
- Quantum Computing, Information and Control
- Foundations of Quantum Theory
- Quantum Optics, Coherent States, Wigner Functions
- Dynamical Systems
- Symmetries in Statistical Physics
- Symmetries in Condensed Matter Physics
- Symmetries in Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics
- Symmetries in Chemistry, Biology and other Sciences

It depends on the Local Organizer to add/subtract topics in view of the local traditions.

Symmetries are understood in the widest sense:

- Lie groups and Lie algebras, both finite- and infinite-dimensional,
- Superalgebras and Supergroups,
- Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory,
- Quantum groups,
- Noncommutative generalizations,
- Representation Theory,
- Special Functions,
- Symmetries of Linear and Nonlinear PDO.

The purpose of these meetings is to review the principal developments that have occurred in recent years, to present the main results leading to current work in the subject in a coherent form that will be accessible to graduate students and young researchers newly entering the domain, and to point out the most promising directions for future research.

QTS Conference Board (as of January 2018) :

C. Burdik (Prague)
V.K. Dobrev (Sofia), Chairman
H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal), Honorary chairman † 4.10.2022
M.A. del Olmo (Valladolid)
G.S. Pogosyan (Guadalajara and Yerevan)
A. Shapere (Lexington)
P. Suranyi (Cincinnati)
L.C.R. Wijewardhana (Cincinnati)
K.B. Wolf (Cuernavaca) † 26.5.2022

Former members of the QTS Conference Board:

S.T. Ali † (Montreal)
L.L. Boyle † (Canterbury)
E. Kapuscik (Cracow) (until 31.12.2011)
V.I. Manko (Moscow) (until 31.12.2017)
G. Marmo (Naples) (until 31.12.2010)
T.H. Seligman (Cuernavaca) (until 31.12.2010)
A.I. Solomon † (Open University)

 History of the Series

The first QTS Symposium was organized in 1999 in Goslar (Germany) by H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal), V.K. Dobrev (Sofia & Clausthal), J.-D. Hennig (Clausthal), W. Lücke (Clausthal), where one important point was a plenary session dedicated to the forthcoming emeritus status of Doebner (cf. details in the Preface of the Proceedings volume here).

The QTS Symposium in 1999 was not planned as a series, but in 2000 it became known that the series of Wigner Symposia (see below) is terminating. Thus, in August 2000 during a meeting in Dubna a group of eight people (L.L. Boyle, V.K. Dobrev, H.-D. Doebner, E. Kapuscik, V.I. Manko, M.A. del Olmo, G.S. Pogosyan, A.I. Solomon) decided to make a regular QTS Symposia series to be held in the odd years as the Wigner Symposia. These eight founding members constituted the first QTS Conference Board. They elected H.-D. Doebner as the first Chairman of the Board. He held this post until June 2014, when V.K. Dobrev was elected Chairman of the Board.

In the founding meeting in Dubna it was decided that QTS-2 will be organized in 2001 in Krakow with main organizers E. Kapuscik and A. Horzela. Further, the main organizers were: for QTS-3 - P. Suranyi and L.C.R. Wijewardhana, for QTS-4 - V.K. Dobrev, for QTS-5 - M.A. del Olmo, for QTS-6 - S. Das and A. Shapere, for QTS-7 - C. Burdik, for QTS-8 - K.B. Wolf, for QTS-9 - G.S. Pogosyan, for QTS-10 - V.K. Dobrev, for QTS-11 - M.B. Paranjape, for QTS-12 - C. Burdik.

Related series:  Group Theory Colloquiua  and   Wigner Symposia :
The oldest series in the field of symmetries is the   International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (see ICGTMP). That series started in 1972 and was held annually until 1988. After that starting from 1990 it became a biennual even-years event (the latest was held in July 2022 in Strasbourg G-34; and there was no meeting in 2020). In the odd years from 1989 until 1999 were organized the   Wigner Symposia   series. The last (6-th) Wigner Symposium was organized in Istanbul in 1999.

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