Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy

IV. International Symposium


15 - 21 August 2005, Varna , Bulgaria

Scope and Topics:

The first Symposium of this series was held in Goslar (Germany) in 1999, the second - in Cracow (Poland) in 2001, the third - in Cincinnati (USA) in 2003. The series started around the core concept that symmetries underlie all descriptions of quantum systems. It has since evolved to a symposium on the frontiers of theoretical and mathematical physics. In the 4-th Symposium, which is dedicated to the World Year of Physics 2005, we foresee the following topics/sessions:
Symmetries in String Theory and Quantum Gravity, Conformal Field Theory and (Super-)Gravity, Gauge and Noncommutative Field Theories, Quantum Computing, Information and Control, Integrable Systems, Foundations of Quantum Theory, Dynamical Systems and Wigner Functions, Symmetries in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics, Symmetries in Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Symmetries in Chemistry, Biology and other Sciences.

Partially overlapping with these topics, but on a more rigorous mathematical level and with strong participation of mathematicians, the symposium will include as a substructure the 6-th edition of the   International Workshop "Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics" (LT-6).   The Workshop will be co-organized with H.-D. Doebner and will be represented by several plenary speakers and parallel sessions on:    Representation Theory, Infinite-Dimensional Symmetries, Quantum Groups, Superalgebras, Generalized Spaces and Functions.

Another independent activity is the   Workshop on "Quantum Systems Related to Noncommutative Geometries, Their Symmetries and Evolution Equations"   associated with QTS-4. This Workshop is sponsored by the   Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany)   through a tri-lateral Collaboration Clausthal-Leipzig-Sofia. The Workshop is organized by the leaders of the three nodes of the Collaboration (Doebner, G. Rudolph, Dobrev) and will be represented by several plenary and parallel speakers.

International Advisory Committee:

V.P. Belavkin (Nottingham), F. Calogero (Rome), I. Cirac (Garching), A. Connes (IHES), R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam), M.R. Douglas (Rutgers), B. Dragovich (Belgrade), L.D. Faddeev (St. Peterburg), S. Ferrara (CERN), K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg), B. Julia (Paris), V.G. Kac (MIT), S. Majid (London), M.D. Mateev (Sofia), W. Miller (Minnesota), A. Morozov (Moscow), H. Nicolai (Potsdam), S. Randjbar-Daemi (ICTP), C. Rovelli (Marseille), W. Schleich (Ulm), C. Schweigert (Hamburg), A. Sudbery (York), I.T. Todorov (Sofia), J. Wess (Munich), P. Winternitz (Montreal), E. Witten (Princeton)

QTS Conference Board:

S.T. Ali (Montreal), L.L. Boyle (Canterbury), M.A. del Olmo (Valladolid), V.K. Dobrev (Sofia), H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal, chair), E. Kapuscik (Cracow), V.I. Man'ko (Moscow), G. Marmo (Naples), G.S. Pogosyan (Yerevan and Dubna), T.H. Seligman (Cuernavaca), A.I. Solomon (Paris and Open University), P. Suranyi (Cincinnati), L.C.R. Wijewardhana (Cincinnati)

Organization and Conference Site:

The work of the Symposium will be organized in five morning plenary sessions and four afternoons with several parallel sessions.   The Symposium will take place at Varna Free University (VFU) on the Black Sea coast near Varna. Varna is Bulgaria's third largest city and main naval port. VFU is situated in Resort "Chaika", which is a small resort between two of Bulgaria's best coastal resorts "St. Konstantin and Elena" and "Golden Sands".


- Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
- UNESCO - ROSTE (Regional Bureau for Science in Europe, Venice)
- National Science Foundation (USA)
- Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
- European Mathematical Society
- International Association of Mathematical Physics
- European Physical Society

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