Papers of Parallel Session 'Mathematical Physics'

Angelova L. - On slow-roll glueball inflation from holography.pdf239 K
Danev P. - 'Forbidden' electric dipole transitions in the hydroden molecular ion - first estimates.pdf136 K
Dimov H., S. Mladenov, R. Rashkov, Tsv. Vetsov - Thermo-field dynamics of higher derivative oscillators.pdf207 K
Dobrev V. - Multiparameter quantum Minkowski space-time and quantum Maxwell equations hierarchy.pdf162 K
Guendelman E., E.Nissmov, S.Pacheva - Quintessential inflation, unified dark energy and dark matter, and Higgs mechanism.pdf125 K
Guendelman E., E.Nissmov, S.Pacheva, M.Stoilov - Einstein Rosen 'bridge' revisited and lightlike thin-shell wormholes.pdf340 K
Obreshkov B. - Collisional effects on the dipole transitions of pionic helium.pdf254 K
Stanishkov M. - On the RG flow in the two-dimensional coset models.pdf74 K
Stoilova N., J. van der Jeugt - Lie Superalgebraic approach to quantum statistics. osp 3_2 Wigner quantum oscillator.pdf70 K
Stoimenov S. - Boundedness of two-point correlators covariant under the meta-conformal algebra.pdf104 K