Financial Grant KP-06-N28/6 (08.12.2018) by Bulgarian National Science Foundation (BNSF)

Project Title: Algebraic Methods in Quantum Statistics and Applications in Quantum Systems
Duration: First term - 18 months Dec. 2018 - June 2020
Second term - 18 months June 2020 - Dec. 2021
Total amount approved: 120 000 BGN (61 300 Euro)
Amount approved for the first term: 60 000 BGN (30 650 Euro)
Amount approved for the second term: 60 000 BGN (30 650 Euro)

Project Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sc. Nedialka STOILOVA,


Mathematical Physics, being one of the important scientific-research disciplines in modern physics, always played a role of a sustainable bridge between pure and applied mathematics and various branches of physics such as quantum mechanics, particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter, optics, computer science, both in theory and experiment. Despite the fact that nowadays a lot of important results are known and applied in the above mentioned disciplines by using Lie (super)algebras, their generalizations and relevant quantum mechanical models researchers still need novel and more advanced results in this field. The research will enable and promote innovative techniques and improve the knowledge in the fields of representation theory of (generalized) Lie (super)algebras and generalized quantum statistics. It will open up new connections between different areas in quantum statistics, high energy and nuclear physics and contribute to understanding the nature of dark matter. The proposed multidisciplinary research will also most certainly contribute to excellence and competitiveness and will add value for Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The financial support will diversify the competences of all team members in the research project, expanding their respective collaboration networks. It will increase substantially the capacity of the researchers.

Links to various documents of the project:
  • Project - Administrative description (English)
  • Project - Administrative description (Bulgarian)
  • Work Packages (English)
  • Work Packages (Bulgarian)
  • Scientific Report - 1st term (Bulgarian)
  • List of Publications - 1st term (Bulgarian)
  • Scientific Report - Final (Bulgarian)
  • List of Publications - Final (Bulgarian)




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