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Financial Grant DO 02-257/2008 by Bulgarian National Science Foundation (BNSF)

      In response to the massive demands for publicity of science funds we post here on our Laboratory's website a number of important information items about one of our own principal current science projects DO 02-257/18.12.2008 financed by BNSF within the framework program "Ideas" (2008) - both purely scientific information, as well as information concerning finance matters. This project is:
      (i) inter-disciplinary (theoretical physics - quantum field and string theory models in elementary particle physics, gravitation and cosmology - black hole and wormhole physics, quantum computers, on one hand and mathematics - differential and algebraic geometry, integrable systems, on the other hand)
      (ii) inter-institutional (15 members of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and 13 members of the leading Bulgarian university - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and Faculty of Physics).
      Apart from the 7 permanent young scientist members of the project team, we have allocated financial support for training and attracting numerous other young Ph.D. and M.Sc. students.

Project Title: Quantum Structure and Geometric Nature of Fundamental Forces

Duration: First term - 18 months (extended due to delay of financing for the second term), Dec. 2008 - Nov. 2010
Second term - 18 months (extended without additional financing) Dec. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Total amount received: 135,000 Euro (270,000 BGN) [requested and eligible to 200,000 Euro (400,000 BGN)]
Amount received for the first term: 90,000 Euro (180,000 BGN)
Amount received for the second term: 45,000 Euro (90,000 BGN)

Project Coordinator
  • Ivan T. Todorov - Emeritus Professor, Dr. Sc., Full Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,; Tel: +359-2-9795597
    Acting Project Coordinator
  • Emil R. Nissimov - Professor, Dr. Sc., Head of the Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles" (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences),; Tel: +359-2-9795647
    He has assumed the functions of an acting project coordinator after the official retirement of prof. Ivan Todorov, as well as after the deputy project coordinator prof. Emil Horozov has been nominated director of the National Science Foundation one year after the start of the project. In fact Prof. Emil Nissimov has assumed full responsibility of the financial management of the project right from its start.

    According to the final science report after completion of the second term of the project (Sept. 2012) the research results have been published in 159 (one hundred fifty nine) scientific works as follows:
          (a) BOOKS published abroad - 2;
          (b) research articles in leading international scientific journals with (high) impact factor - 88, among them:
    Physical Review D - 21; Physical Review Letters - 1; JHEP (Journal of High Energy Physics) - 7; JCAP (Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics) - 1; Nuclear Physics B - 4; Physics Letters B - 7; Physical Review A - 1; Communications in Mathematical Physics - 2; Classical and Quantum Gravity - 2; General Relativity and Gravitation - 1; International Journal of Modern Physics A 2; Advances of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics - 1; Journal of Geometric Analysis 1; etc.
          (c) research articles in other international and national journals - 13;
          (d) full text articles in peer-reviewed proceedings of international conferences - 33;
          (e) preprints - 23 (some of them already published in international journals with impact factor, the rest pending publication).

    Let us stress that the total number of scientific publications of the present project in most prestigious international journals and international conference proceedings exceeds 120 (one hundred and twenty). To this end let us note that:
          (i) other projects, financed by BNSF, with significantly more modest scientific output (tens of times less publications) have received tens of times higher grants than ours;
          (ii) in spite of the very high scientific output of our project during the first term (91 scientific works), the grant money for the second project term have been cut by a factor of two - a case without precedent in the history of science funding agencies in any civilized country.

    During the course of the project research 5 young Ph.D. participants defended successfully their Ph.D thesises and some of them in the mean time received post-doctoral positions in leading Western European universities, including a prestigious Humboldt fellowship.

    Links to various documents of the project
  • Project abstract (English)
  • Project - detailed description (English)
  • Project abstract - main goals (Bulgarian)
  • Project abstract - expected results (Bulgarian)
  • Official project contract - excerpts (Bulgarian)
  • Official project contract - annex for the second term, excerpts (Bulgarian)
  • Project - detailed description (Bulgarian)
  • Project team - list of participants (Bulgarian)
  • Final detailed science report (Bulgarian)
  • Total list of publications (English)
  • Abstract of the final report - short description of main results (English)
  • Final financial report (Bulgarian)

  • Report (excerpts) of the Standing Commission for Natural Sciences at Bulgarian National Science Foundation about the general assessment of the final results of the project DO 02-257/18.12.2008 (in Bulgarian)
    The Standing Commission for Natural Sciences at BNSF evaluates the research achievements of the project with the highest mark "excellent" and recommends official announcement and endorsement of the scientific results online on the BNSF website.





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