Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles"

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Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles"

Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

      The scope of current science research projects in the Laboratory embraces various major trends in modern theoretical and mathematical physics. It is centered around two principal broad range world-wide actively developing research areas:
      (a) studies of the quantum structure and geometric nature of the fundamental forces between elementary particles at (ultra-)high energies, and
      (b) studies of lepton-hadron interactions.
The research in the Laboratory is executed within the framework of a broad international collaboration with leading international academic centers from around the world.

      In 2016 the members of the Laboratory (co)authored 63 scientific works altogether, among them - 53 published and 10 pending publication papers in (mostly) international journals and international conference series. Throughout 2016 scientific papers of Laboratory's members have received 551 independent citations in international science journals and conference proceedings worldwide.
Here is the list of scientific publications and list of citations for 2016.

      In 2017 members of the Laboratory will be organizing the 10-th International Symposium "Quantum Theory and Symmetries" incorporating 12-th International Workshop "Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics", Varna, 19-25 June 2017 .

      In 2016 members of the Laboratory have taken active part in the main national scientific event of the year in the realm of physical sciences:

Official Site     Official Poster
Parallel Session "History of Physics"
Parallel Session "Theoretical Physics" - Program of Talks
Parallel Session "Mathematical Physics" - Program of Talks, Abstracts
Articles based on the talks published in Bulgarian Journal of Physics 44 #1 (2017)

Participation of members of the Laboratory in recent/current internationally funded projects:
      (a) Academic exchange agreement between Ben-Gurion University (Israel) and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - for a list of joint publications, see here;
      (b) Scientific cooperation France - Bulgaria: project "Rila-4" No.112; project "Rila-01/6";
      (c) Joint Research Project "Representation theory of Lie (super)algebras and generalized quantum statistic" in the framework of an international collaboration programme between the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) (Belgium) and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
      (d) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Russia) - project 01-3-1070-2009/2013, project 2016 "Nuclean Spin Structure and Fragmentation Functions in Quantum Chromodynamics";
      (e) Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2010-2012), (2012-2015), 2016;
      (f) COST Action MP1210 "The String Theory Universe" (2013-2017);
      (g) COST Action MP1304 "Exploring Fundamental Physics with Compact Stars" (2013-2017);
      (h) COST Action MP1405 "The Quantum Structure of Spacetime" (QSPACE) (2015-2019);
      (i) COST Action CA15117 "Cosmology and Astrophysics Network for Theoretical Advances and Training Actions" (CANTATA) (2016-2020);
      (j) COST Action CA16104 "Gravitational Waves, Black Holes and Fundamental Physics" (GWniverse) (2017-2021);
      (k) COST Action CA15213 "Theory of Hot Matter and Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions" (THOR) (2016-2020)

Further data about current scientific achievements, international collaboration and project funding are contained in the regular Laboratory's Annual Report: See also some earlier reports: Some Resources on Laboratory's History:

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  • Appeals of Leading Science Organizations to the Education, Science, Children, Youth & Sports Committee of Bulgarian Parliament
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    List of the Staff Members of Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles"

    All internal phone numbers have a prefix +359-2-979

    • Ivan T. Todorov - Emeritus Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.), Full Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,; Tel: 5597
    • Tchavdar D. Palev - Emeritus Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.), Full Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,; Tel: 5642
    • Valentina B. Petkova - Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.), Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,; Tel: 5636
    • Emil R. Nissimov - Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.), Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory,; Tel: 5647
    • Ekaterina Ch. Christova - Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.),; Tel: 5635
    • Vladimir K. Dobrev - Professor, Dr. Habil., Dr. Sc.,; Tel: 5530
    • Svetlana J. Pacheva - Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.),; Tel: 5647
    • Boyko V. Ivanov - Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5636
    • Orlin Ts. Stoychev - Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5648 (associate member; American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad:
    • Plamen L. Bozhilov - Associate Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.),; Tel: 5666
    • Ludmil K. Hadjiivanov - Associate Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.),; Tel: 5643
    • Nedialka I. Stoilova - Associate Professor, Dr. Sc. (Dr. Habil.),; Tel: 5642
    • Lilia K. Anguelova - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5586
    • Blagovest P. Damyanov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5635
    • Svetla B. Drenska - Emeritus Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5637
    • Alexander Ch. Ganchev - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5641
    • Lachezar S. Georgiev - Associate Professor, Ph.D., Vice-Director of the Institute,; Tel: 5648
    • Strashimir Sht. Mavrodiev - Emeritus Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5621
    • Stefan G. Mikhov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5644
    • Nikolay M. Nikolov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5586
    • Todor V. Popov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5586
    • Dimiter B. Stamenov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5644
    • Daniela D. Doneva - Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5649 (on leave of absence: Tuebingen Univ., Tuebingen, Germany;
    • Elena A. Ginina - Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5643 (on leave of absence: Institute of High Energy Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria;
    • Kiril P. Hristov - Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5643
    • Stoimen T. Stoimenov - Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,; Tel: 5666
    • Assen V. Kyuldjiev - Assistant Professor,; Tel: 5648
    • Vladimir V. Molotkov - Assistant Professor,; Tel: 5634
    • Dimitar Nedanovski - Ph.D.,; Tel: 5586
    • Kalin Marinov - Ph.D. Student,; Tel: 5586
    • Virginia I. Doseva - Scientific documentation manager,; Tel: 5633, +359-2-974-6299




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