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XIV. International Workshop




20 - 26 June 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria

As we have informed the Proceedings of LT-14 are published as volume 396 in the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics (PROMS). The publication date is 30 January 2023.
The ISBNs are: ISBN 978-981-19-4750-6 (Hard cover version), ISBN 978-981-19-4751-3 (eBook version).
The DOI number is: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-19-4751-3
More details on: https://link.springer.com/book/9789811947506.

Monday, June 21: Talks begin in the morning Sofia Summer Time (SST = UTC+3)
Friday, June 25: Talks end in the late afternoon (early evening) SST

Conference Organization:

The Conference will run by Zoom. By the standard procedure speakers will be invited to share their screens (displaying the PDF file of their talk) at the start of the talk. The talks will be recorded.

The Conference is organized from Sofia (Bulgaria's capital), where is based the Organizing Committee. The local time zone, Sofia Summer Time (SST) is equal to UTC+3 (same as GMT+3).
The conference is global: starting from West to East we have: starting from Texas (TX Summer Time = UTC-5 = SST-8) over to Melbourne (UTC+10 = SST+7).
Accidentally, Sofia is approx. in the middle of the above extremes: from SST-8 over to SST+7 !

From the above follows that there should be 3 sessions each day:
SST morning session, starting at 9:30 SST, so that the earliest talks will be by speakers from East Asia & Australia TZs.
Then SST early afternoon session with talks by the Invited speakers (2-3 per day) starting at 14:00 SST .
Then SST late afternoon session, starting at 16:45 SST, so that the latest talks will be from the Americas TZs.

On Sunday, June 20, all participants shall receive Zoom invitation for all sessions.

When you read the Programme and Schedule, please, have in mind the peculiarities explained above!

Full Programme

Schedule of Talks





Scope and Topics:

The meeting covers the whole field of Lie Theory in its widest sense together with its applications in many facets of physics. As interface between mathematics and physics the workshop serves as a meeting place for mathematicians and theoretical and mathematical physicists.
The first three workshops were organised in Clausthal (1995,1997,1999), the 4th, 6th and 12th were part of the 2nd, 4th, 10th Symposium 'Quantum Theory and Symmetries' in Cracow (2001), Varna (2005, 2017), the 5th, 7th to 11th, 13th were organised in Varna (2003,2007-2015,2019), see: http://theo.inrne.bas.bg/~dobrev/

The preliminary programme includes the following topics:

- Representation Theory
- Infinite-Dimensional Lie Groups and Algebras
- Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory
- Cluster Algebras, Quiver Representations
- Superalgebras and Supergroups
- Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry
- Symmetries in Quantum Computing, Entanglement
- Operator Algebras
- Symmetries of Linear and Nonlinear PDO
- Special Functions
- Symmetries in String Theory
- Supergravity, Quantum Gravity
- Conformal Field Theories
- Integrable Systems
- Relativistic and Nonrelativistic Holography
- Neural Networks, Deep Learning
- Gauge Field Theories
- Noncommutative Quantum Theories
- Symmetries in Dynamical Systems
- Symmetries in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

International Advisory Committee:

L. Accardi (Rome)
L. Bonora (SISSA)
A. Connes (IHES)
A. Dabholkar (ICTP)
R. Dijkgraaf (IAS)
M.R. Douglas (Rutgers)
S. Ferrara (CERN)
A.M. Fino (Torino)
K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg)
E. Ivanov (JINR)
M. Jimbo (Tokyo)
V.G. Kac (MIT)
L.H. Kauffman (Chicago)
T. Kobayashi (Tokyo)
C. Kristjansen (Niels Bohr Inst.)
A. Morozov (Moscow)
W. Nahm (DIAS)
H. Nicolai (Potsdam)
A. Sudbery (York)
I.T. Todorov (Sofia)
E. Witten (Princeton)

International Steering Committee:

C. Burdik (Prague)
V.K. Dobrev (Sofia, Chair)
H.D. Doebner (Clausthal)
B. Dragovich (Belgrade)
G.S. Pogosyan (Yerevan & Guadalajara & Dubna)

Important change: without on-site option (April 29)
This is important for people that registered to LT-14 choosing the option of on-site participation (travelling to Sofia) and to whom we have sent a warning message more than 10 days ago.
When we decided to give the option of on-line participation we hoped that anyway the majority will choose the on-site option. Yet, one day before the deadline for registration (April 30) we see that from those that have registered to LT-14 about 85% have chosen the on-line participation option and only 15% have chosen the on-site participation option.
In view of this we decided to make the meeting only on-line. Of course, those that registered for on-site, are welcome to join on-line - just send a mail to inform us, so that we correct your registration data.


Registration is closed. (deadline was 30 April 2021)
Registered participants should communicate with the Organizing Committee using the e-mails below. This includes sending of Abstracts if you have not succeeded to upload them via the registration form - deadline 15 May 2021.

Organizing Committee: V.K. Dobrev (Chair), L.K. Anguelova, V.I. Doseva, V.G. Filev, A.Ch. Ganchev, D.T. Nedanovski, S.J. Pacheva, T.V. Popov, D.R. Staicova, N.I. Stoilova, S.T. Stoimenov

Address for correspondence:

Prof. V.K. Dobrev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
72 Tsarigradsko Chaussee
1784 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 9795530
E-mails:   lie.theory@abv.bg,   dobrev@inrne.bas.bg,  vkdobrev@yahoo.com,
dobrev@ictp.it (back-up)
WWW: http://theo.inrne.bas.bg/~dobrev/LT-14.htm

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