COST Action CaLISTA (CA21109)  

II. Annual Meeting : CaLISTA'24

27 - 31 May 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thracian Gold Treasures from National History Museum and National Museum of Archaeology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Scope and Topics:  This workshop will address various aspects of Cartan geometry, Lie, Integrable Systems, Quantum groups
as covered by the COST Action CaLISTA (CA21109).   Areas of Expertise: Aims of the Project
Symmetry is a central unifying theme in mathematics and physics. In this project we focus our attention on symmetries realized through Lie groups and Lie algebras. In addition to the spectacular achievements in representation theory, and differential geometry, Lie theory is also exceptionally important for the formalization of fundamental physical theories. CaLISTA aims to advance cutting-edge research in mathematics and physics through a systematic application of the ideas and philosophy of Cartan geometry, a thoroughly Lie theoretic approach to differential geometry. In addition to making major progress in Cartan geometry itself, CaLISTA aims to develop crucial applications to integrable systems and supersymmetric gauge theories. Quantum groups and their quantum homogeneous spaces come into the play as a bridge between these topics: quantum groups stem originally from the R-matrix formulation in integrable systems, and their homogeneous spaces offer prototypical examples of noncommutative parabolic geometries. Parabolic geometry is the first and possibly the most important example of Cartan geometry, and one of the main aims of CaLISTA is to obtain a quantum generalization. Surprisingly, Lie theory and Cartan geometry play a role in an exciting new interpretation of the differential structure, and related dynamics, of models for popular algorithms of vision like Deep Learning and the more recent Geometric Deep Learning. CaLISTA aims to investigate and improve on these techniques. CaLISTA will provide essential mathematical models with far-reaching applications, placing Europe among the leading actors in these innovative research areas.

Schedule of the Meeting

Talks Titles


Plenary speakers: 
Simonetta Abenda, Jesus Gustavo Angulo, Paolo Aschieri, Rita Fioresi, Elitza Hristova, Jens Kaad, Andrey Krutov, Maria A. Lledó, Benjamin McKay, Alexander Mikhailov, Andrea Santi, Neli Stoilova, Karen Strung, Juraj Tekel, Jing Ping Wang, Robert Yuncken

Plenary Slides

Poster of General Meeting

Public Event

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Sunday, May 26: Arrival
Monday, May 27: Meeting begins in the morning (in presence)
Thursday, May 30: Meeting ends with Public Event in the late afternoon (in presence)
Friday, May 31: Meeting of MC (in presence and on-line)   :   9 - 12 am   (Sofia DST = GMT+3)

Conference Venue:
The Workshop will take place at the Main Lecture Hall of the Institute of Mechanics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Address: "Akad. Georgi Bonchev" str., Block 3, 1113 Sofia.
It is in walking distance from the "House of Scientist" where most participants from abroad will be accommodated (see below).

"House of Scientist" of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Address: Blvd. Shipchenski prohod 50, 1113 Sofia
The accommodation is in walking (visual) distance from the Institute of Mechanics.
Restaurants around Accommodation

Travel information from abroad:
The most convenient way to travel from abroad is by plane to Sofia airport. As Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria it is connected with Europe's major cities by daily regular flights.

   How to reach the "House of Scientist" from the airport:
By bus:   Take bus 84 from Terminal 2 of the airport. The price is 2 lev. After 15 min ride get off at bus-stop "Pliska". Then walk for 15 min following the route shown here.
Note that one can take also bus 184 - this has the same route though first passing by Terminal 1 of the airport - thus the bus ride is slightly longer.
If you arrive at Terminal 1 the first choice is bus 184, while bus 84 is also possible passing first by Terminal 2.
By taxi:   After exiting the departure hall at Terminal 2, turn right and walk to the exit. There you will be met by a representative of the recommended taxi company "Yellow!" and you will be guided to the first free taxi. The price is 1.22 Lev per km, but there is also initial charge equal to the price for 2km. It should be about 20 lv. and you should be able to pay by card. One may use also the previously official company "OKSupertrans-9732121" but this has some duplicates which charge double (or more).
From Terminal 1 after exiting the departure building you just take the first Yellow! taxi at the line; then as above.

Cards are also widely accepted in tourist places, restaurants, larger shops, etc. so the need to use cash is limited. If needed, it's usually cheapest to withdraw cash from any ATM.
Note the fixed exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1.95579 Lev (BGN), thus, 1 Lev ~= 0.51 Euro.

Registration is over. Deadline was April 7, 2024.
Registered participants can reach their registration page by a link at the botton of the message from the system which acknowledges their registration.

Registered participants
(Should receive invitations for attendance from COST.)

International Organizing Committee:
Rita Fioresi (Action Chair), Karen Strung (Action Vice Chair), Reamonn O' Buachalla, Andreas Cap, Vladimir Dobrev, Jan Slovak, George Zoupanos

Local Organizing Committee:
V.K. Dobrev (Chair), E. Hristova (Scientific Secretary), S.J. Pacheva, T.V. Popov, S.T. Stoimenov, V.V. Tsanov

Addresses for correspondence:

Prof. V.K. Dobrev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
72 Tsarigradsko Chaussee, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 979 5530

Dr. E. Hristova
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
"Akad. Georgi Bonchev" str., Block 8, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 979 2824


Previous Annual Meetings of COST Action CA21109

Kick-off Annual Meeting:
5-9.6.2023, Bologna, Italy

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