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VIII. International Workshop




15 - 21 June 2009, Varna, Bulgaria

The   LT-8 Proceedings volume   is in print and here you can see the   Cover  and the   Contents.
Very soon the volume will be sent to every contributor. For the mailing the Publisher will use the postal address given in the contribution, thus, if some contributor has given incomplete address, she/he should e-mail us a complete address as soon as possible.

Schedule of Talks

Titles of Talks  and   Booklet with Abstracts



Scope and Topics:

The meeting covers the whole field of Lie Theory in its widest sense together with its applications in many facets of physics. As interface between mathematics and physics the workshop serves as a meeting place for mathematicians and theoretical and mathematical physicists.
The first three workshops were organised in Clausthal (1995,7,9), the 4th was part of the 2nd Symposium 'Quantum Theory and Symmetries' in Cracow (2001), the 5th was organised in Varna (2003) http://theo.inrne.bas.bg/~dobrev/LT-5; the 6th was part of the 4th Symposium 'Quantum Theory and Symmetries' in Varna (2005), but has its own volume of Proceedings, http://theo.inrne.bas.bg/~dobrev/qts-4; the 7th was organised in Varna (2007) http://theo.inrne.bas.bg/~dobrev/LT-7.htm.

The preliminary programme includes the following topics:

- Representation Theory
- Infinite-Dimensional Lie Groups and Algebras
- Algebraic Geometry
- Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry
- Superalgebras
- Symmetries of Linear and Nonlinear PDO
- Special Functions
- Symmetries in String Theory
- Supergravity
- Conformal Field Theories
- Gauge Field Theories
- Noncommutative Quantum Theories
- Integrable Systems
- Symmetries in Quantum Computing
- Symmetries in Dynamical Systems
- Symmetries in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

International Advisory Committee:

L. Accardi(Rome)
A. Alekseev (Geneva)
D. Berenstein (UC SB)
L. Bonora (SISSA)
A. Connes (IHES)
E. Corrigan (Durham)
R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam)
M.R. Douglas (Rutgers)
B. Dragovich (Belgrade)
L.D. Faddeev (St. Petersburg)
S. Ferrara (CERN)
K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg)
H. Grosse (Vienna)
V.G. Kac (MIT)
L.H. Kauffman (Chicago)
T. Miwa (Kyoto)
A. Morozov (Moscow)
W. Nahm (DIAS)
H. Nicolai (Potsdam)
S. Randjbar-Daemi (ICTP)
V. Schomerus (DESY)
C. Schweigert (Hamburg)
I.T. Todorov (Sofia)
E. Witten (Princeton)
S.L. Woronowicz (Warsaw)
D. Zagier (MPI, Bonn)

Monday, June 15: Arrival and registration in the afternoon
Tuesday, June 16: Talks begin in the morning
Saturday, June 20: Talks end in the late afternoon
Sunday, June 21: Departure

Conference Site:

The Workshop will take place at the Guest House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on the Black Sea coast near Varna. Varna is Bulgaria's third largest city and main naval port. The Guest House is in resort "Chaika" situated between two of Bulgaria's best coastal resorts "St. Constantine and Elena" (formerly "Druzhba") and "Golden Sands". The formal address of the Guest House is:
Resort "Chaika", bus-stop "Journalist", Guest-House of BAS - to see this in Bulgarian click here.

Travel information:

The most convenient way to travel from abroad is by plane to Varna airport. In the summer there are many regular (daily) flights to Varna from many European cities and regular daily flights from Sofia (Bulgaria's capital). The latter is connected with Europe's major cities by regular daily flights. Travel by train is to Varna railway station. The airport (railway station) is about 25 km (10 km) from the Conference site with direct bus connection - see overall map Map1.
For a detailed map of the neighbourhood of the GH click here. This second map shows the GH (on the map it is called: "Pochivna baza BAN"), the House of Journalists (on the map it is called: "Hotelski Kompleks Zhurnalist"), in front of which is the nearest bus stop to the Guest House as mentioned in the address above. The Guest House is 50m uphill from this stop. It is a stop for buses # 9,109,409 (though only # 9 is shown on Map1). Most frequent and useful are:   # 409 which is a bus line from Varna airport to "Golden Sands" stopping also at the Varna bus station,   # 109 which is a bus line from Varna railway station (direction "Golden Sands").
Taxis are cheap in principle (around 0.9 Lev (= 0.46 Euro) per km) but the taxi-drivers may try to cheat you! Insist on the counter (meter) running and pay by what it shows! We shall give more info on this!



Registration is closed.


- Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
- Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics   (Grants)

International Organizing Committee:

H.-D. Doebner (Clausthal) and V.K. Dobrev (Sofia) in collaboration with G. Rudolph (Leipzig)

Local Organizing Committee:

V.K. Dobrev (Chairman), V.I. Doseva, L.S. Georgiev, P. Kiratsov, P.B. Konstantinov, T.N. Kupenova, N.M. Nikolov, P. Petkov, T.V. Popov, T. Stefanova, M.N. Stoilov, S.T. Stoimenov

Address for correspondence:

Prof. V.K. Dobrev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
72 Tsarigradsko Chaussee
1784 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 9795530
Fax: +359 2 9753619
E-mail:  LT-8@inrne.bas.bg,   dobrev@inrne.bas.bg
Vladimir.Dobrev@cern.ch,  ptvd@pt.tu-clausthal.de (back-ups)

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