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The etymology of
the word “Bozhidar”

  1. The meaning of the word “Bozhidar” is “Gift from the God”, “God's gift”, “God-givent”.
  2. History:
    1. The Slavic name “Božidar” consists of two parts: “Boz(s)”, meaning destiny, fate or luck, and “dar”, meaning a gift.
    2. The roots of “Bozhidar” are in the Greek language.
      1. The modern Greek equivalen is “Theodore” (“Θεόδωρ”).
      2. The ancient Greek equivalent is “Theodōros” (“Θεόδωρος”). It is composed from two parts “Ttheós” (“Tθεός”), meaning “God” and “dṓron” (“δώρο”ν), meaning “gift”
  3. Transliterations:
    1. Bozhidar - in English
    2. Bojidar - in French
    3. Boschidar - in German
    4. Божидар - in Bulgarian
  4. See the Wikipedia for more info,

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