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List of the main pages of this site
line Bozho's  Main URL page index/main page Bozho's  Main URL page - Begining of the site
in-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's Adrdesses Addresses - Coordinates for contacts with Bozho
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  CV Curriculum Vitae - resume of Bozho's scientific life
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Publications Anti-Chronological List Publications: Main Anti-Chronological List - list of all Bozho's publications
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Publications Subject List Publications: Subject List - publications list sorted by subject of research
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Publications Subject List Publications: by Types List - list of publications types, their impact factors and number of works in them
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Future/Current Works Future/Current Works - ideas for future or current research
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Publications Subject List Citations List - thoughts abut citations and list of some citations of Bozho's papers
in-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's LaTeX additions LaTeX - new commands etc.
in-right Bozho's  Plans Future Plans :) - can you guess?
in-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's Hobbies Hobbies - ?!
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's  Site Map Photo Activit y - in-right-in-rightin-rightin-right-in-right ... - chronological photo albums
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's Genealogical Chart Genealogical Chart - Bozho's attemp to make his family tree
in-rightin-rightin-rightin-rightin-right Bozho's URL (hyper)links Internet (Hyper)Links - in-right-in-rightin-rightin-right-in-right ... - partially sorted links (bookmark/favourites)
in-rightin-rightin-right Web design info - some technical data about this site and the web activity of Bozho
in-right Site mape Site map - this page

This site contains the folowing sub-sites:

  1. - dedicated to Alumni 1981 of the Department of Physics of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  2. - dedicated to Alumni 1976 of the National Mathematical Gimnasium/School of Bulgaria

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