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Bozho has made a genealogical chart of more then 380 his descendants for the last almost 200 years. It contains short biographical details for each person, if such are available.

At present the genealogical chart is in the form of the following LaTeX2e files:

  • zakhari.tex - the branch of Bozho's farther Zakhari Iliev Mikhailov
  • stefan.tex   - the branch of Bozho's grandfather Stefan Mikhailov Shterev (mother's line 1)
  • zlatka.tex   - the branch of Bozho's grandmother Zlatka Stefanova Shtereva (mother's line 2)

Please note, the information in these files is in Bulgarian language (it uses Cyrillic letters) and requires corresponding Bulgarian fonts for viewing or printing. The option /h150cm (paper length 150cm) is enough for viewing or printing all pages, however not all pages are so long.

    The above files are available also in dvi, ps and pdf versions as follows:

 zakhari.dvi zakhari.pdf
 stefan.dvi stefan.pdf
 zlatka.dvi zllatka.pdf

For paper copies of the Bozho's genealogical chart, please contact with Bozho.


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