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ball A great number of new LaTeX commands and environments, including ones improving their analogs in AMS LaTeX, can be found in the Bozho's style file Bozho-LaTeX-Style.sty (or in its Bullgarian version Bozho-LaTeX-Style-bg.sty). Most of the commands or environments in it are appropriately commented.

ball The Bozho's logo file Bozho-LaTeX-Logo.sty is also available.

ball If you are using the BibTeX program, which Bozho firmly recommends, the next files may turn to be useful:

ball If you are using the MakeIndex program, the next files may turn to be useful:

ball Patterns for writing standard LaTeX classes of documents (please, change them according to your personal needs):

ball If you are using the Multi-Edit editor for writing LaTeX source files (a lot of people say that this is the best text editor for the purpose), the following files may be helpful:

  • MTeX.s        - source macro file (CMAC language) with LaTeX macros
  •       - zip-compressed variant of the compiled version of MTeX.s
  • Meconfig.db  - configuration file for Multi-Edit suitable for TeX (stores all of the Language, Extension, Color and related information)
  • Wcmdmap.db - configuration file for Multi-Edit suitable for TeX (stores the Keymap, Toolbar and Menu items)

For all general problems concerning TeX/LaTeX, AMS LaTeX, etc., as well as the program source files and a great number of related programs, please visit the basic or mirror CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) sites. Some of them can be found on the Bozho's Internet hyper)links and bookmarks/favorites page, see the section Personal Computers and software.

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