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The meaning of
the word “Bozho”

  1. On Sanskrit (ancient Indic language, classical literary language of India) "bozho" means pradzhnya whose sense is “intuition”, “intuitive wisdom", “superior knowledge”, “non-mind knowledge”, “enlightenment”.
  2. The Croatian name "Bozho" means “son of God” or “little God”.
  3. In Potawatomi language “bozho” (pronounced like "bozzo") is a friendly greeting (similar to "hello") used when shaking hands; it means also shake hands. E.g. “bozho nikan”=(hello my friend).
  4. In Bulgaria "Bozho" is a nickname of the personal first name Bozhidar.
  5. "Bozho" is a personal first name in the Republic of North Macedonia.
  6. "Bozho" is a personal first name in the Republic of Serbia where it is written as Božo.

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