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The "Third March" regatta in Varna, Bulgaria
February 28 — March 4, 2013
The 57th sailing regatta for "Yal 6" "Third March" - State competicion for sailing 2013. The Regatta took place in Varna lake in the water area of wather base of sport club "Cherno more - Briz" from 28 February to 3 March 2013 and in it participated 21 crews. It was organize by the marine club "Friends of the sea"-Varna and sport club "Cherno more - Briz"-Varna and co-organizer was the Bulgarian sailing federation. The regatta begun in 1957 and traditionally opens the sailing season in Bulgaria.
“Emo's reflction in the laptop screen of Patsone (this is NOT an image on the screen!)”, Date: 2013:03:02, Time: 08:17:00  (No. 4 of 5)