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I do not want to profit from Science,
but Science may profit from me
Bozhidar Zakhariev Iliev ➜BOZHO; click to listen the pronounciation
Bozho is a research associate professor in the
Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling in Physics
in the
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
Sofia, Bulgaria

It is good when a person makes something that brings benefit to the people.
It is even better when they use what he/she has done and
the longer and the more they use it, the greater is the impact of the person.
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Is contains files for current download (most likely some photos). They are there for a limited period of time and are changed depending on the needs which is announced to the persons interested in them via e-mail.

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This is the personal Web (Internet) site of Bozhidar Iliev (known as Bozho). It contains:

  • Some parsonal data
  • Sientific activity
  • Web links and search
  • Photo activity
  • Web design results

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