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The "Third March" regatta in Varna, Bulgaria
February 28 — March 4, 2013
The 57th sailing regatta for "Yal 6" "Third March" - State competicion for sailing 2013. The Regatta took place in Varna lake in the water area of wather base of sport club "Cherno more - Briz" from 28 February to 3 March 2013 and in it participated 21 crews. It was organize by the marine club "Friends of the sea"-Varna and sport club "Cherno more - Briz"-Varna and co-organizer was the Bulgarian sailing federation. The regatta begun in 1957 and traditionally opens the sailing season in Bulgaria.
“Oure company: (standing) Emo, Iveto, Petyo, Misheto, Momo, Patsone, (squat) Kalina, Geti, Ogi, Bozho, (in front) Teya and Oncho”, Date: 2013:03:03, Time: 15:43:53  (No. 1 of 5)