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The rooms in "Dedovite Kashti" complex in Staro Stefanovo village. 4 March
The "Third March" regatta in Varna, February 28 — March 4, 2013
This is a complex of old, 100-200 years old, houses the exterior of which is restored in the original form. The interior is modern and corresponds ot 2-3 stars hotel: worm water, baths with toilets, Internet, canble TV, etc. One of the buildings is transformed into the "Raniyata" restaurant. The infrastructure is new. If you plan to stay at this complex, check the prices before that ...
“Dedovite Kashti Complex - The Rooms 4 Mar 2013 - - Bozhidar Iliev (Bozho) - 03”, Date: 2013:03:04, Time: 13:31:37  (No. 2 of 21)