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  • This page contains Internet (hyper)links which can be used directly as HTML or  bookmark/favorite files.
  • The links are under constant update, so they are not decorated at all.
  • At the moment of adding all links have been alive. Sorry if some of them are dead now!
  • The links presented reflect partially the interests of Bozho.
  • Possible HTML errors in the code of some links pages are due to a bad encoding of the ampersand sign ("&" instead of "&") in the original URL addresses.

scienceScience: Mainly Physics and Mathematics
business Business/commercial:  Random connections concerning business

chemical Bulgaria: Different information about Bulgaria

countries Countries:  Sites containing information on particular countries

fondsFunds:  From where can be found some money, jobs, etc.

globe Internet and Web resources:  Web design, registration, search, programs, e-mail, ...

jobs Jobs:  Look here if you want to find a new job
misc Misc:  Fully random links on different items

PC & programs  Computers and software:  Compueters info, programs, journals, etc.

persons Persons:  Home and other pages of/for particular persons

telecommunicationsTelecommunication:  Companies, equipment, journals, info, ...

TV programmsTelevision, radio, media: Internet, cable, satellite, .... TV/radio stations

SCUBA etc. Outdoor enjoyments:  SCUBA, yachting, diving, hiking, skiing, etc.
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