Forward, the science is a sun ...
“The Gathering Place”

of the physicists 1981
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Forward, the science is a sun ...
Alumni 1976—1981 of the Department of Physics of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski
18 years Virtual home at Internet,
1976-1981 photos 1976—1981 Photos
  1. In the "1976—1981 Faces" photo album can be found our faces from some scanned photographs from about 1976—1981 when we were students.
  2. The main 1976—1981 Photo page, which has also a Short version, contains an essential number of sorted images from our students times.
  3. In the album " 1976—1981 ➜ 2006 Compare Our Faces" one can see side-by-side photos of the physics fallow-students devided by a time interval of 25-30 years. In it are represented only those colleagues for which photos from the years pointed are available.

The 1976—1981 Photo Archive help for fast and easy access to a lot of photos from our studentship times.


The full collection of photos is maintained by Bozho. All of these photos (in different file formats) are available upon request.

All fellow-students are kindly requested to send photographs in an electronic form from these old times.


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