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∀(∃∧-∄) Type words which must EXIST or NOT exist  
Instructions Instructions
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  • Type important words that must exist, for exmple: Bozho Ani
  • Put exect strings is double quotes ("), for instance: "Wow! CATs eating HATs!" "A+b=c"
  • Put minus sign (hyphen) '-' directly before any word and/or exect string which must not appear, e.g.: -birds -"Lion & Tiger"
  • Put OR (representing the logical operator "or" (∨)) before all words/strings form which at least one must exist: OR cow OR donkey
  • Unicode (UTF-8) is accepted
  • No symbols are ignored but pairs of double quaotes which have a special meaning
Settings Special actions
  • Multiple blank spaces are reduced to one blank space
  • Multiple minus signs just before a word/string are reduced to one minus sign
  • The word 'OR' is considerd as the logical operator "or" (∨) in the Basic Search
    If you will search with the word 'OR'
    , then put it in double quotes, "OR", or use the "Extended Search"
  • Any pair of double quotes ("...") defines an exect string given by the symbols between the quotes
  • If a field consists only of blank spaces and double quotes, then it is reduced to an empty field
Settings Settings
  • The search can be Case or
  • During the search are or the blank spaces at the start and/or end of exect strings
  • The search is or boundaries of the exect words/strings containing only letters, digits and the underscore character '_'. For example 'cow' will match both 'cow' and 'cowboy' without boundaries and with boundaries will match only 'cow' but not 'cowboy'.
    Warning: Due to a PHP bug the search with boundaries in Cyrillic and some other Unicode languages often gives no results!
  • The links in the results that will be found will be open so that:
  • Click the button below to change the settings
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