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Main properties of the Dyanamical system for data enetering and modification
  1. Web (Internet) based, i.e. it is accessible from any computer connected to Internet.
  2. Dynamical in a sese that one can change his/her data as many times as he/she wishes.
  3. Democratical, all members of the Gathering council have administrator rights on the system.
    Please refer to them if problems arise or if you wish to make an action for which you have not enough rights. For instance, your exsisting registration to be deleted or made invisible for some time.
  4. Automatic, i.e. works without a humen intervention.
    For example, you can see the results of your action in the moment the system accepts them and the system informs you for the entered data via the email, if you have requested this, and sends back forgotten passwords.
    Have in mind that the system stops the possibility for data transfer outside the announce periods.
    For viewing of some data is required an intervention of the Gathering council member. Fon instance, such data are the confidantial info, personal data (if requested) etc. which are normal to be hidden.
    Please, do not ask such info from the Gathering council members as they have the obligation not to announce it!
  5. Generality, there are sufficient fields for choice and data entering which give you the possiblity to correctly express wyour wishes. In particular, you have the ability to express opinions and/or suggestions.
    If neede, new fiels for choices will be inserted in the system (the limit is 10000 fields).
  6. Latin and Ciryllic: one may use charactes in Cyrillc and/or Letin. In particular, the text entered may by in any one or both of them.
    It is good to remember if you used Cyrillic and/or Latin for your ID information, password and names.
    Besides, for entering data one can use any characters recognised by the encoding Unicode (UTF-8), for instance, Greek, or/and Arabic.
  7. Bulgarian and English (interface) versions: the systen has current version in Bulgarian and English, which is convinient for the colleagues from abroad and those of us that are used to use English for web registrations. To change the interface language simply click on the Bulgarian/English flag to get the page in Bulgarian/English.
    Regardless of the version used, the data are written in one and the same database, i.e. for the system is insignifican which interface language choice you have made.
See also Instructions for identification/Registration.

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